Guidance for Internship in India

xcxGetting an internship opportunity in your chosen field can be exciting as well as highly rewarding.
Internship opportunities in India are helpful for the expansion of individual and professional skills. There are plenty of companies looking for talented young professionals who can add value to their work processes. Interning in diverse areas like fashion, design, law, literature, media and several more are essential for building the foundation of a future career in terms of a full time job or self employment opportunities. Internship opportunities in India provide the right environment to learn, gain industry insights and build up a professional network.

There are a wide range of opportunities in an even wider range of areas. Depending on the calibre, interest and future plan, aspiring interns can either join a small start up company, a non profit organization, an MNC etc. All of these offer learning and growth possibilities at different levels. They act as a connection that link the domains of education and profession. Internship opportunities in India ease out the process of change as a person shifts from his or her academic life and starts to construct the path for a strong career. India has headquarters and connections of several renowned companies of international fame. This creates a firm platform of choices for budding professionals in fields of accounting, IT, engineering, software or creative and literary fields.

Metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and so on tend to be some very good locations for those seeking internship opportunities in varying sectors. The Indian economy is at a stage where the professional world seems to be booming. As a natural consequence, the industry is constantly looking out for interns. This is because individuals who are eager to learn during a process of making contributions to their company can be seen as an asset. You must give your best in order to get the best of your time as an intern. The projects that you work on could form a part of your resume and their success would earn you the aspired accolades and appreciation.

There are several career communities who are working towards initiating changes in conventional recruitment and appointment. They focus on the discovery of the most suitable profession for people of different fields. They can be contacted for counselling or for discussion of a prospective internship opportunity in the country. Career oriented websites are also a great way to track down the right kind of internship programme.

Benefits of Hiring a Roof Contractor

There are a great number of construction technicians readily available to an individual. Choosing one can be considered a difficult undertaking, specifically since many people know very little about the construction method. There are many technicians that will give you wonderful advice and then perform a poor job. To uncover a specialist roofing service provider or remodeling contractor, there are a few primary points to bear in mind. Continue reading or browse around this website to find out more.

First, look for a roofing or even remodeling contractor on the internet. All expert companies have an on-line presence via their web sites. An online presence not merely makes it easier to enable them to attract new customers, but also enables potential customers to check the service provider out. When you are looking at the website, look at the numerous years of experience they have got and the different types of work they do. The best individuals specialists who are able to address something concerning a roof. These kinds of contractors are usually desirable simply because they will not have to watch out for different construction contractors for different jobs.

A local roofing contractor is a much better choice because they will have a lot more knowledge about the local roofing picture. Furthermore, a few neighborhood roofing or renovating contractors may also be aware of the different state laws governing building work. When you are on a contractor’s website, guarantee they have a regional address. If you want to be two times as sure, it’s call the amount on the website and possess a chat with them. Having these talks about it can mean the distinction between a great roof and a horrible investment.

The price given is a vital consideration regarding roofing. Therefore, when you are looking for a contractor it is important to ask for rates. There are many construction companies that charge greater than others. Usually do not pass all of them on the same principle. Discover the reason why they charge more. In fact, an individual should get into details and see if there are hidden fees built in. Talk to some if necessary. This will assist you to choose the the majority of transparent estimate.

It truly is the connection with a service provider that matters many. This is the main question might. Experience most certainly matters with regards to critical jobs like roofs and remodeling. Professional companies proactively discuss the details of previous work they have completed.

Last but not least — search for a roofing professional which has a good status in the industry. Several web review websites will help you identify what path to take. Furthermore confer with your friends and family to see if they could recommend somebody. You may also listing several brands and ask individuals if they’ve heard of these.

Do all this and you will do not have difficulty finding the very best roofing specialist that fits your budget. When you happen to be in the process of working with a roofing service provider, there are certain items to consider. Ensure you take these kinds of under consideration. You must look at this web-site if you would like to find out more.

Do all of this and you will have no problem finding the best roofing professional within your budget. When you are in the process of working with a roofing service provider, there are certain items to consider. Ensure you take these kinds of into account.

Great Search Engine Marketing Methods Support Everyone Involved

Search engine optimization, or SEO is part science and part art, and maybe part fantasy, too. A lot of all the confusion encircling Search engine optimization is definitely the outcome of just how rapidly this area has grown, together with important adjustments and in many cases a few reversals taking place with just what occasionally definitely seems to be fantastic velocity. That which was thought to be regular functioning treatment as an approach to improve a web site some time ago, today is utterly against the rules. Consequently, it is essential that a business owner or alternatively web site developer consider only the most up-to-date info when producing decisions with regards to just how to seduce and also travel sought after site visitors to a unique web page.

If perhaps you think about this, SEO is science. It’s really a mix of information technology and the science regarding our behavior. It’s a concerted effort to determine just what combos associated with techniques can be put together to help trigger someone that is seeking a particular service/product to land about the vendor of a certain service or alternatively item’s web site. Preferably, at this point, the particular transfer through the business’s site to its shopping cart software is a little one. Excellent web optimization procedures help everyone. The business enterprise owner will get qualified visitors along with new customers, and the brand new client accomplishes his or her target, too.

The Reason Why You Want to Utilize a Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested and charged with drunk driving within Florida, you may be dealing with some serious outcomes in case you are found guilty. You can lose your license, spend your time imprisoned, have to pay fees, or end up with various other sentences. Additionally, you’ll retain the conviction in your record for your entire lifespan, since a Driving under the influence charge can’t be taken off your criminal and driving records in Florida. Instead of going through the whole thing alone, you’re going to want to utilize a DUI lawyer in Tampa that will help you.

Your Tampa DUI attorney is able to do a great deal to assist you to cleanse your name and steer clear of a conviction. If you obtain a conviction, they can aid you in getting a smaller sentence so that it has the least effect on your future. One thing they are going to do will be read over the circumstance as well as the conditions which in turn landed you in jail. If they can, they’re going to try to have the allegations against you removed or maybe lowered to a much less serious offense. This way, even if you’re determined to be guilty of a significantly less severe criminal offense, you aren’t going to get a Driving while intoxicated charge on your criminal and driving records.

In the event that these types of factors will not be achievable, your own DUI lawyer will certainly work on getting you the minimum sentence feasible. This may mean community service plus fees, but it will stop you from having to go to jail. They will in addition try to help you to acquire a hardship license. This particular driver’s license lets you drive to your job and back again, however it limits your driving to certain hours through the day. You’re not going to need to panic about being able to go purchase groceries or possibly run other errands. They’ll do whatever they’re able to to be sure the conviction has the littlest impact on your daily life as is feasible.

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, don’t wait around. Employ a lawyer now to receive the support you’ll need in order to work through this charge. You may be able to steer clear of a conviction entirely, or maybe, in case you are convicted, receive a smaller sentence. Go to right now to discover more about Driving while intoxicated charges and hire a attorney to help with your case. This isn’t one thing you should handle by yourself.

How a Lawyer Can Solve Your Driving While Suspended Situation

Do you think that a lawyer can help you with your driving while suspended> situation? More and more people seem to ignore the laws, so they get their license suspended. In addition to this, they decide that this should not be an impediment for them to drive, so they drive in spite of the fact that they don’t have a valid driver’s license. Well, this can cause serious problems and only the help of a professional who has a lot of experience in driving while suspended cases has the power to solve them. Hiring a lawyer is very important, so do that as soon as possible!

Strange Etsy Shops You Won’t Believe Exist

Etsy is a great place to sell vintage and handmade items, and many collectors and creatives have found a way to make a living selling their wares on the site.

There, you can find everything from antique furniture to handcrafted jewelry, and it’s the perfect place to shop for gifts for your crafty or vintage-obsessed loved ones, or unique home decor items. But while mostly everything on Etsy is unique, not everything on Etsy is normal — in fact, some shops are downright weird.

Here are 10 strange Etsy shops you likely didn’t know existed.

Ramshackle Rascals
If you’ve ever wanted to decorate with (or even wear) broken-down doll parts, this is the Etsy shop for you. Ramshackle Rascals sells handmade art and decor pieces using “old, forgotten dolls” according to its Etsy page. The shop sells planters made out of doll heads, brooches featuring Barbie doll faces, and a series of art pieces called “Pickled People in a Jar” — sculptures made from dolls and wax pickles inside mason jars, each featuring a short poem in the item description — among other unique items. Shop prices range from around $15 to $75 depending on the item.

Flavored Toothpicks
On the surface, this Etsy shop seems like a perfectly normal (and yet interesting) business idea. People use toothpicks all the time, so why not give them a little flavor? While it’s true that cinnamon, grape, wintergreen and even bacon toothpicks are intriguing, there are some other, stranger flavors that will leave you wondering, “Huh?” Under Flavored Toothpicks’ “Weird & Unique Flavors” tab you’ll find toothpicks that taste like fireworks, baby formula and more. Overall, there are more than 70 different toothpick flavors to choose from. The toothpicks sell for $5.95 and come in a small, sliding metal tin. [12 Etsy Alternatives for Crafty Entrepreneurs ]

Anna’s Uncanny Creatures
This shop definitely does “weird” well. From faux-zombie parts to strange stuffed animals, Anna’s Uncanny Creatures has it all. The shop, which has been open since 2011, features eerie-looking, yet somehow endearing, teddy bears and stuffed animals with piercing acrylic eyes, faux fur and oddly humanlike mouths, complete with teeth, all handmade to order. Anna’s Uncanny Creatures also offers a custom message-in-a-bottle letter service and sells zombie finger keychains and bookmarks along with “bodily candles,” incredibly realistic vegan wax candles shaped like parts of human heads and faces. The teddy bears sell for around $55 each, while other prices vary.

Cappy Sue Creations
You know the old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Cappy Sue Creations is a unique Etsy shop that takes that mantra to a whole new level. Along with random paintings, jewelry and art pieces that range from strange and unusual to traditional and beautiful, Cappy Sue Creations will also take your random, unwanted junk, turn it into something new and more interesting, and send it back to you for a fee — now you know what to do with all those white elephant gifts! And in addition to these custom projects, you can also find some not-so-safe-for-work items in the form of pendants, ornaments and more. Prices vary by item

Leaves of 3
This jewelry shop actually doesn’t seem so strange, and in fact, many of the pieces for sale are quite beautiful. Leaves of 3 turns nature into jewelry, with things like moss, butterflies, flowers, seashells and four-leaf clovers preserved in clear resin and turned into pendants, earrings, rings and more. But what makes Leaves of 3 even more unique is the fact that the shop offers an entire selection of jewelry made with real poison ivy — yes, the plant that’s best-known for giving people painful rashes. But don’t worry, these pieces are beautiful and definitely won’t make you itch. Prices vary, but most items range from $20 to $50.

Like dissecting things? Appreciate knitting? This shop combines the best of both worlds. According to its Etsy page, aKNITomy is an “icky and cuddly world of knitted anatomy.” The shop sells framed, knit versions of human anatomy and dissected creatures (like frogs, rats, bats and aliens) that are both strange, and oddly, kind of cute. There’s even a dissected Easter bunny full of colorful grass and knit dyed eggs. And if you’re interested in knitting your own science projects, aKNITomy also sells patterns and DIY kits for a small fee, too. Finished projects sell for anywhere from $75 to close to $200.

9 Successful Businesses Run by Parents and Kids

Generational differences are often a source of tension and struggle between parents and their children. In some cases, though, these differing perspectives — along with a strong, loving familial bond — can serve as the basis for a successful business partnership.

We asked the leadership teams of nine family-run businesses about the advantages and challenges they’ve had working with their parent or child, and their advice for other parent-child business owners.

Authentic Foods

This wheat- and gluten-free food manufacturer was founded by Steven Rice in 1993. His son, Aaron, now works with him as Authentic Foods’ vice president of sales and marketing.

Business News Daily: What is the greatest advantage of running a business with your father?

Aaron Rice: It makes communication easier because we know each other well. There is something different about the communication of a father and son than other relationships.

BND: What has been the greatest challenge?

A.R.: Getting my father to give up some control. He’s been doing everything himself for many years and it is an adjustment to have a partner.

BND: What advice do you have for other parent-child teams?

A.R.: Open communication is key. Start by delineating clear responsibilities about who is in charge of what and fall back on those when there is conflict and a decision must be made. [Want Your Family Business to Thrive? Modernize & Plan Ahead]
Beija-Flor Jeans

Mother and daughter Kathy Moça and Emilie Whitaker were inspired by the figure-flattering jean designs of Brazil and created Beija-Florjeans together.

BND: What is the greatest advantage of running a business with your mother/daughter?

Emilie Whitaker: Having a partner who really knows me, and whom I have a great amount of respect for. When we started, we didn’t have to go through the process of getting to know each other and figuring out how to work with one another, which allowed us to produce quick results.

Kathie Moça:The shared passion we have for our company. This is truly what has carried us through tough times. When one of us is running a little low on passion, the other one kicks it up a notch!

BND: What has been the greatest challenge?

E.W.: As in all family businesses, boundaries are hard to set and even harder to preserve. I think both of us have a hard time “leaving the office” and transitioning back and forth between partners and mother-daughter.

BND: What advice do you have for other parent-child teams?

E.W.: Be patient and kind to each other. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s easy to treat those we love the most with the least care.

K.M.: Share the work. From the very beginning we had a division of roles and responsibilities, with the understanding that sometimes we have to cover for each other.
John Paul Mitchell Systems

John Paul DeJoria, co-founder and chairman of the company responsible for the renowned Paul Mitchell hair care products, currently works with his daughter, Michaeline, who is vice chairwoman.

BND: What is the greatest advantage of running a business with your father/daughter?

Michaeline DeJoria.: Getting wisdom and knowledge that you wouldn’t otherwise get. Many people get to observe what [my father] does, but to have the opportunity to have it explained and taught to you behind the scenes throughout your life, and the understanding behind it, is really special (and so valuable!).

John Paul DeJoria: The pride of having and seeing a very proficient daughter. She never ceases to amaze me, but most importantly … my executive staff feels the same. I’m definitely a proud dad.

BND:What has been the greatest challenge?

M.D.: Our generational differences. Something like social media, for example, took me ages to convince him was a relevant thing. We think a lot alike, but have very different sets of eyes in some ways. Bridging that gap between things being the way we know them and things being totally new and different in this day and age sometimes takes a little extra effort.

J.P.D.: The biggest challenge in working with my daughter was … letting go of certain areas so that she can complete her mission. She is part of the millennial generation, so it’s also a matter of keeping up with her and learning from her.

BND: What advice do you have for other parent-child teams?

M.D.: Don’t have an ego. It’s not about who is the boss, who is entitled to what, and certainly not about who knows better. We both have one goal: to grow the business for our staff and our customers’ sake. When you have selfless intentions that are united, just do what needs to be done.

J.P.D.: If you are lucky enough to have a child that is proficient, you learn that your past knowledge may not always be right, so be open to your children informing you of what they think and why.
Minuteman Press of Medford

Dave Greenhalgh is the current owner of a Minuteman Press printing franchise based in Medford, Oregon. His stepson, Sean Byrne, is his co-owner and future successor.

BND: What is the greatest advantage of running a business with your stepson?

Dave Greenhalgh: I hired Sean because I was convinced he was the best person for the job.There are some obvious advantages such as Sean’s enthusiasm and go-getting mentality. Leader … is a title that cannot be given to someone. It must be earned, and Sean has certainly done so.

BND: What has been the greatest challenge?

D.G.: The fact that [Sean] is family initially gave me concern. The potential for having to fire a family member and the effect it would have not only on the business, but on our entire family relationship was not something I wanted to put anyone through. However, I am very happy to say that Sean is the best hire I have made in the 20 years I have been in business.

BND: What advice do you have for other parent-child teams?

D.G.: Consider the possible negative impact of hiring a family member. The possible resentment of the staff and the harm it could do to family dynamics is a very serious consideration.

NuFACE, an at-home anti-aging skin care device, was founded in 2005 by Carol Cole and her daughters, Tera and Kimberly. Today, Tera serves as the CEO.

BND: What is the greatest advantage of running a business with your mother?

Tera Valdez-Peterson: Each one of us has very different backgrounds and talents [that] are complimentary to one another. My mom, Carol, is what I call the mad scientist; my sister, Kim, is the worker bee and gets all the office stuff done; and I am the “assertive” sales person. Without each part we wouldn’t have been able to launch and grow our company.

BND: What has been the greatest challenge?

T.V.: We are all doing this for the first time so we are constantly learning as we go. That’s definitely the biggest challenge since we are starting from scratch. Fortunately, we have good heads on our shoulders, a knack for business and know our customers very well.

BND: What advice do you have for other parent-child teams?

T.V.: You can’t change someone. Embrace each other’s differences to recognize the value in a different point of view. My weaknesses are my mom’s strengths and vice versa and we love to learn from each other.

Jeff Braverman is the third-generation owner of, which was founded by his grandfather in 1929 as the Newark Nut Co. He currently serves as CEO, after inheriting the company from his father, Kenny.

BND: What is the greatest advantage of running a business with your father?

Jeff Braverman: This came down to years of knowing one another and trust. I could wholeheartedly trust my dad and he in turn ultimately put blind faith in my stewardship. After showing my potential, I was summarily handed the keys [to the business].

BND: What has been the greatest challenge?

J.B.: Encountering typical family tension. Sometimes, this can be emotionally draining.

BND: What advice do you have for other parent-child teams?

J.B.: I think parents should expose their children to as much as possible, as early as possible. I know many peers that wanted to work with their parents, but were frustrated that their parents kept things very guarded and were reluctant to share. It’s important to note that humility and curiosity are very important characteristics, especially in a family business.
Origami Owl

In 2010, Chrissy Weems helped her then-14-year-old daughter Bella co-found Origami Owl, a custom jewelry company that now operates on a direct sales “home party” model.

BND: What is the greatest advantage of running a business with your daughter?

Chrissy Weems: Having the opportunity to work alongside each other, learning how to grow a new business together and seeing firsthand the importance of people over profit. It has been fulfilling watching her grow as a young woman in business as well as in her compassion for others. We both have been empowered to effect change in this world by sharing the Origami Owl business opportunity with others.

BND: What has been the greatest challenge?

C.W.: Reminding my daughter that education must come first and that she must find time to be a kid. I never wanted Bella to miss out on opportunities with her friends; however, she is committed to Origami Owl and was willing to sacrifice a lot to support growing it. Weekends were spent at the mall kiosk before we expanded into the social selling platform.

BND: What advice do you have for other parent-child teams?

C.W.: Find something you are both passionate about and set goals. Be willing to commit the time necessary to build the business and surround yourself with others that lift you up. When Bella and I started out we sacrificed a lot, which impacted our entire family, but we were willing to do what needed to be done to be successful and provide a life-changing opportunity for others.
PB Crave

Natural “peanut butter with a twist” company PB Crave was founded by Curt Riess. His son, Austin, serves as the company’s general manager.

BND: What is the greatest advantage of running a business with your father?

Austin Riess: We are able to connect and work together on strategy with [my father] having the experience for input but also having … the new-age ideas that I am able to bring forward to improve and build a stronger business model.

BND: What has been the greatest challenge?

A.R.: The greatest challenge is [our] age difference. My father is in his 50s and I am 24. I come from a different generation and background, and have new ideas and ways of doing things. So you need to be able to compromise on different things.

BND: What advice do you have for other parent-child teams?

A.R.: Work somewhere else for a year or more [if you’re the son or daughter]. That was a requirement for me to come into the business. I had to go out and prove myself and experience a different work environment to see the different benefits and downfalls. You also will be able to see how vastly different business models vary by company. This is good to understand and it will allow you to be able to react better in different business environments and bring some experience to the table.
Skyline Windows

Skyline Windows, a New York-based custom window company, is currently run by CEO Steven Kraus and his son, senior vice president Matthew.

BND: What is the greatest advantage of running a business with your father?

Matthew Kraus: I’m learning from someone that I truly admire and respect. I’ve been watching my father run Skyline Windows for as long as I can remember and I greatly value his insight. Furthermore, my father knows me better than anyone and he is able to use that knowledge and deep connection in order to properly challenge and encourage me.

BND: What has been the greatest challenge?

M.K.: My father and I both have very strong personalities and in some areas we have differing opinions. It can be very difficult to appropriately challenge someone from a business standpoint when you’ve looked up to that person your entire life. You need to be able to remove the personal relationship from the picture and solely focus on the fact that you are … having a professional discussion with a colleague, not your father.

BND: What advice do you have for other parent-child teams?

M.K.: Ultimately, you have to understand that your child is his own person with his own ambitions, dreams and goals. You cannot force your child to follow in your footsteps or else you will have nothing but resentment, [and] the company’s future will not be as successful as you hope it will.

Ew! 7 Disgusting (But Successful) Businesses

Successful businesses all have one thing in common: They solve a problem for their customers. Unfortunately, some problems are less pleasant than others, and some are downright disgusting.

Don’t want to clean up after your dog? There’s a business for that. Dealing with a lice infestation? There’s a business for that, too. Hate the hassle of dirty diapers? Not to worry, there’s a business out there ready to help you.

These seven businesses give new meaning to the phrase, “it’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.”

An in-home lice removal company

Parents of school-age children (and anyone whose job or day-to-day activities are likely to expose them to head lice) will appreciate LouseCalls, an in-home lice and nit removal service located in Florida. Founded in 2005 by Amy Graff, LouseCalls helps people get rid of head lice infestations. Graff, who has a master’s degree in public health, was inspired to start the business after her daughter’s elementary school class became infested with lice.

LouseCalls’ technicians make it a point to educate customers about head lice along with treating them (including manual removal of lice and knits, as according to the company’s website, many over-the-counter and prescription-removal methods are less effective and can even be harmful to those who use it). The company’s unique house-call business model allows technicians to instruct customers facing lice infestations on how to properly remove lice from their homes, too. Technicians even stay in touch with customers for the week following treatment to make sure the infestation doesn’t return. [13 Strange Businesses You Didn’t Know Existed ]

A cloth diaper cleaning and delivery service

Disposable diapers may be convenient, but they’re not exactly good for the environment. New parents who want to go green by switching to cloth diapers, but who don’t want to deal with the mess and hassle of cleaning them, can turn to Blessed Bums, an organic cloth diaper service in Los Angeles. Owners Chris and Laura Gately started the company in 2010 when they realized Laura was pregnant. The pair wanted to use organic cotton diapers to minimize their impact on the environment and their baby’s health.

So how does Blessed Bums’ service work? The company delivers a set amount of diapers right to your door every week, in a diaper pail with a reusable pail liner and a deodorant disk. When your baby is done with a diaper, just drop it in the pail — at the end of the week, Blessed Bums will collect the dirty diapers for cleaning and deliver a new batch in a clean pail liner. And the cost? Just $24 per week, plus a $25 pail rental fee when you sign up.

A skeleton cleaning business

We’ve all got skeletons in our closets, but Skulls Unlimited International takes that saying to a whole new, literal level. As the world’s leading supplier of osteological specimens (e.g., skulls, skeletons, teeth and fossils), Skulls Unlimited International, located in Oklahoma City, doesn’t just buy and sell skeletons and replica specimens. They’re also tasked with a very unique and disgusting task: cleaning them.

Cleaning these specimens doesn’t just mean dusting off dirt and debris from bones and fossils. The company has to clean off any remains, degrease the specimens and then whiten them with chemicals. In an interview with in 2007, owner Jay Villemarette admitted that it’s not the most pleasant job to take on, noting that some specimens (like humans) are greasier than others or have distinct odors.

And don’t worry, all of the specimens Skulls Unlimited International takes on are legally and ethically obtained, according to the company’s website.

A high-tech hygiene company

The word bidet may conjure up images of commodes in upper-crust European society. But you might be surprised to know that not only have bidets gone high-tech, their demand is alive and well, even in America. Brondell, located in San Francisco, is one business prospering from the “bidet boom.”

Brondell was co-founded in 2003 by David Samuel and Scott Pinizzotto, after Samuel accidentally got soaked by a bidet in a Japanese restaurant bathroom. After some research, the pair found that most American homes did not have bidets, and a company was born. Brondell’s product line includes a bidet called the “Swash 1000,” which the company describes as a “highly functional toilet seat that provides users unparalleled comfort and personal hygiene.”

Brondell’s core market focus is North America, but they also distribute internationally and through various partnerships.

A dog poop clean-up service

Dog owners may love their pooches, but most people would rather not have to pick up their furry friend’s poop. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life for pet owners. The good news is, there’s a business that will do that for you: POOP 911. Started in 2005 by Geoffrey Bodle, a former consultant for Fortune 500 companies, POOP 911 is a dog poop clean-up service based in Orange County, California, that will keep you, your dog and your lawn happy.

With a startup investment of less than $5,000, Bodle initially operated POOP 911 as a weekend-only outfit until he could gauge the company’s real money-making potential. Thanks to publicity, customer referrals, and simply driving his POOP 911 vehicle around town, the much-needed service and recognizable phone number got people’s attention. The company has even grown into a franchise, and services start as low as $7.95 per week.

A junk removal chain

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this business is proof — sort of. Longtime friends Michael Andreacchi and Brian Reardon launched Junk King in 2005 to provide environmentally friendly junk-hauling services. What initially began as a service offered to family and friends quickly became much more when they realized the potential in the market — now, Junk King operates in 45 cities in the United States and Canada.

Headquartered in San Carlos, California, Junk King removes junk of all shapes and sizes, ranging from old furniture, appliances, tires, yard waste and practically anything in between. The company even does foreclosure cleanouts. And, according to Dennis Mulgannon, director of franchising for Junk King, their approach to junk hauling has saved nearly 2.3 tons of waste from local landfills by recycling up to 60 percent of what is collected from customers.

Andreacchi and Reardon began Junk King with their own personal investment, but potential franchisees can own and operate their own exclusive Junk King territory for an initial investment ranging from $83,500 to $150,000.

A bacteria-fighting baby business

Poor baby! For Joe and Linda Smaldore of Springfield, Virginia, necessity really did breed invention. Noticing that their new grandson had crusty, yellowish patches on his scalp (an ailment commonly known as “cradle cap” — or seborrheic dermatitis, to get technical), they sought a product that would help remove the dry skin. Cognizant of his tender scalp, they searched for a product that that did not contain harsh chemicals or toxins that might harm the child.

To their shock, no such product existed. As a result, they created their own solution in 2009: Bean-B-Clean, a scalp-massaging brush that helps combat cradle cap. According to the company’s website, Been-B-Clean is a more hygienic alternative to the brushes hospitals use that have sponges on the back. Why? Because those sponges “can become a breeding ground for bacteria” and are only meant for one-time use. The Bean-B-Clean is a safer tool that is also soft and soothing for cradle cap-afflicted babies.

11 Cool Travel Businesses You Need to Check Out

Traveling can be a great experience, but it can also be a hassle sometimes.

Finding an inexpensive flight, booking the perfect hotel room, planning a fun itinerary, funding your trip — these are all things that make going on vacation more difficult than you’d like it to be. The good news is, there are plenty of businesses out there that can take the struggle out of planning a trip and navigating your way around a new city. Some can even turn your trip into the adventure of your dreams.

Ready to use some of your hard-earned vacation time? Don’t book your flight just yet. Check out these cool travel businesses first to make your next vacation even less stressful — and more memorable!


Everyone likes to show off their vacation photos, so what if you could have a skilled, professional photographer document your trip for you? Flytographer makes it possible. According to the company’s website, you can “meet with one of [the company’s] local photographers around the world, have a stroll together and bring home the best souvenir possible — memories.” Simply search for a photographer you like in the location you’re traveling to and book a photo shoot via the company’s website after you’ve finalized your trip details. When it’s time for your shoot, your photographer will guide you around and take candid photos (though he or she will also take posed portraits, if you prefer).


Know where you want to go on your next vacation, but not sure what you want to do? Peek curates a selection of fun activities for you that you can book online or via the company’s mobile app. You can also use Peek’s Travel Guides to see an overview of the top things to see, or use the “Perfect Days” feature to book a complete itinerary with “insider tips and hidden gems from tastemakers,” according to the website. Peek currently has offerings in top U.S. destinations like Boston, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Hawaii, as well as in Mexico, London and Paris.

The Trip Tribe

If you’re flying solo but would prefer to travel in a group or make new friends while on vacation, The Trip Tribe is here to help. The company allows members to create a profile and search for trips — they’ll use your profile information to match you with other travelers who share your interests so you can book a trip with like-minded people. When you view trips on the site, you can see which other members are going, as well as the dates, price per person and other important details. Some of The Trip Tribe’s featured trips include an eco retreat in Puerto Rico, a food and beer tour in Ireland, and a cycling and boating adventure in the Czech Republic. [22 Great Jobs for People Who Love to Travel ]

Welcome Beyond

Welcome Beyond is dedicated to those travelers who prefer to forgo staying in a big-name hotel and would rather have a more unique vacation experience. According to the website, Welcome Beyond “hand picks small hotels and vacation rentals that are truly original.” These exclusive rentals range from quirky to posh and are easy to search for and book — simply choose a country and region for your stay, and even search by interests like architecture and design, nature and ecotourism, and secluded retreats. You can also refine your search by accommodation type, with everything from boutique hotels to private islands available in over 30 different countries including the United States.


Want to arrive at your destination in style? Forget hiring a limo — just book yourself a seat on a private jet with BlackJet. According to the company’s website, “BlackJet members enjoy the convenience, reliability and private jet experience at prices you would expect from American, Delta or United first class.” As with all flights, costs vary depending on your origin and destination locations and the date of travel, but prices start around $1,000. BlackJet memberships are limited, but free until you book your first trip — after that, there’s an annual fee.


Travelers with a spontaneous streak will love Triposo, an app that gives you personalized suggestions for things to do on your trip while you’re on the go. Users can book tours and activities via the app, as well as learn important information about their destination’s history, culture, currency and language. Before you go on your trip, just download Triposo’s destination guide to your device, and then while you’re there, you’ll get real-time updates about what’s going on nearby. Bonus: The app works offline too, so you don’t need to search for Wi-Fi to find your next activity.


Weddings are expensive, and honeymoons can rack up costs fast, but Wanderable takes the stress out of planning (and paying for) your honeymoon. Rather than have your friends and relatives buy you towels, toasters or pots and pans, you can set up a registry with Wanderable where they can contribute to your honeymoon fund. But the company does more than just collect cash for your dream trip — Wanderable allows you to search destinations and curate your trip based on your interests. Wedding guests can also contribute to specific costs, like transportation, lodging and even special tours or events offered at your destination.


Want a way to keep track of your itinerary information and hotel confirmations without wasting paper? Traxo offers a free mobile app that keeps all of your travel information organized while you’re on the go. According to the company’s website, “Your complete itineraries, with confirmation numbers, addresses, maps and notes are always at hand” with Traxo. You can even see your flight status (including delays, cancellations and gate changes) in real time and track all of your loyalty points across accounts. And if you need to make a quick change to your itinerary, you can do so right from your mobile device.


If you’ve ever had to deal with a canceled flight or another airline issue that left you stranded, you know how frustrating air travel can be. In most cases, airlines will help you rebook your flight and accommodate you, but what happens when they don’t, and you’re out the money you paid for your tickets? AirHelp steps in. You can either use the company’s online form or download its free mobile app to file a claim with your flight details, and AirHelp will take care of communicating with the airline for you so you can avoid feeling stressed and confused. The company will even file a lawsuit, if possible or necessary. If your claim is successful, the company will take a 25 percent service fee out of the money you’re awarded as payment, but if you lose your claim and you don’t get paid, you won’t owe AirHelp anything.

Options Away

Have you ever found the perfect flight, only to come back to it a day or two later when you’re ready to purchase your tickets and find that it’s sold out? Options Away can make sure that never happens to you again. Use Options Away’s website to search for flights, and you can save them while you wait for your next paycheck or to finalize the rest of your plans. You can save flights for two, three, seven or 14 days, and doing so will also lock in the price of your tickets — if they go up, you can still purchase them for the price they were when you found them, but if the price of your airfare drops during the wait, you’ll pay the lower price when you decide to purchase.

Stray Boots

Want your vacation to be more like an adventure? Exploring a new city doesn’t have to be about meandering around looking at tourist attractions. Turn your next trip into a real-life scavenger hunt with Stray Boots. Simply download the app and select and purchase the tour you want to go on, then activate it while you’re connected to the Internet (you only need it to load beforehand, and it can be offline during play). The app will guide you through your chosen city — there are 18 cities to tour and more than 70 tours to choose from — while you and your friends or family members complete challenges, answer trivia questions, take fun photos and earn points. Along with many popular U.S. cities like New York and San Diego, you can also participate in scavenger hunts in London, Paris, Copenhagen and Tel Aviv.

Live Chat Wins Over Customers Looking for Quick Answers

Live chat is quickly turning into the customer-support option of choice for consumers, new research finds.

Customers who use live chat for support come away satisfied more often than those who call, email or turn to social media for help, according to a study from customer service software provider Zendesk. The company offers a variety of customer service software, but discovered that live chat is the feature customers like most.

Specifically, customers who need support come away content 92 percent of the time after a live-chat session. That’s compared to just 88 percent of the time when calling on the phone, 85 percent when filling out a form on a website or sending an email, 84 percent when using Facebook, and 77 percent when using Twitter.

“Customers are gravitating more towards live chat as their preferred channel,” Jason Maynard, senior manager of data and analytics at Zendesk, said in a statement. “Organizations who use live chat move customer requests away from Web forms and feedback tabs to real-time chat, where questions can be answered directly in the Web or mobile experience.”

Customers seem to like live-chat support because it provides a back-and-forth conversation style. The research revealed that customer satisfaction increases with live chat as the number of chat messages exchanged rises. The study’s authors said they believe one reason for this is that consumers are happier when customer service agents are more engaged in the support process, such as by asking more troubleshooting questions or finding out how the customer’s day is going. [10 Companies That Totally Rock Customer Service on Social Media ]

The study discovered that the average live-chat response time is 1 minute and 36 seconds, with the most popular time for consumers to use live chat options coming between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Another sign of the growing popularity of live-chat support is that after adding the option, businesses see a drop in the number of help requests they receive via their websites

“We found that 30 days after implementing live chat, ticket volume from embedded Web forms plummets, suggesting that customers prefer to communicate with support directly from the company website, instead of waiting for a response to arrive via email,” the study’s authors wrote.

When it comes to overall customer-service satisfaction, regardless of option, the following industries were rated highest: government and nonprofit, IT services and consultancy, and health care, the research showed. Social media, Web hosting, and manufacturing and computer hardware were the industries that showed the most improvement over the past three months.

The study was based on data from 2,261 Zendesk customers. To be included, companies must have conducted at least 25 chats in the first quarter of 2015.

What You May Ought to Be Made Aware About Moving Infractions

Lots of people don’t comprehend the implications associated with traffic citations and merely pay out their traffic tickets once they acquire them. However, disregarding the little details may result in loss or restriction of your own driving liberties. Each time you have a traffic ticket and you also pay it, you are renouncing your legal right to a court case and also acknowledging you are guilty. Although this is probably not an enormous issue when you only acquire one ticket every three years or so, receiving a number of traffic tickets inside a limited time period may threaten your personal license. When you’re getting a traffic ticket, the motor vehicle commission designates points towards your driving history. Should you accumulate 12 points, your personal driver’s license will be revoked. An effective way to conserve your permission to drive once you obtain a ticket for any minor accident would be to engage a law firm such as the Law Office of Purav Bhatt and fight your personal case in the court. If you succeed, points will not be applied and you can be eligible for removal of points you already have in the event you move in accordance with traffic laws for 12 straight months. Three points will be taken out for each year you drive without having a traffic violation. A legal professional similar to Bhatt Law may possibly defend you in opposition to moving violations in court.